Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exhibition "Unveiling Secrets" Opening Reception

Unveiling Secrets, March 29 - April 30, 2010

My Daddy helping me install. :0)

These pictures are from the opening reception of my BFA Thesis show at Pratt Institute. This experience had me on an emotional high for over a week. The greatest part about having a show is having my family and friends see all of my hard work; my parents were definitely proud. It's fun to see those who have journeyed with me through out this series come and see the results. I definitely got to see my own work differently hung together on a clean white wall, in a large gallery with open space. As an artist who is used to working in a small studio, it was wonderfully overwhelming to me to see my work on together on the wall. Not only was I able to see my work differently, but I was able read my work differently.

Someone at the opening asked me, which piece is my favorite, and my answer to them was, I don't have one. Each painting reflects a certain part of my journey that is apart of me. Each painting is a memory of a true experience or desire. The funnest part about the exhibition was being able to interact with my viewers and question their thoughts about my work.

If I could do one thing differently at the opening, it would be to take more pictures, lol, but here you go. ENJOY!

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(left to right) My Mother, Me, and my Cousin Alexis

My roommates and I

Painter Jordan Cooper and Me

My painting teacher, Peggy Cyphers, and I are examining my latest painting Secret Garden

(from left to right) Painter Anthony Morton, Peggy Cyphers, and Me


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