Monday, January 28, 2013

Remembering our beautiful President's 2013 Inauguration Ceremony


It's been a LOOOONG time since I've blogged, but I figured why not start again because I have SOOOOOO much to share with you all!

 One week from today I had a blessed opportunity to experience our historical President Barack Obama get sworn in for a second time at his Inauguration Ceremony.  My Mother, a couple of friends from Georgia, and I stood right outside of the White House with thousands of other proud Americans listening, watching, and FREEZING PROUDLY to support our President!

Photo by: Clarissa Horton

It was so cold in Washington, D.C. that I literally had to wear 3 layers of tops and bottoms just to stay 90% warm, and while looking FABULOUS TO BOOT! What a challenge!

Photo by: Clarissa Horton

Experiencing our President getting sworn into office live on M.L.K. Day with family and friends meant that the New Year was definitely starting off right.  To the front of us we could see the White House with a crowd of people sitting on top of its balcony, and to the right of us was a huge jumbotron allowing us to view the Ceremonial up close and personal.

Photo by: Clarissa Horton

The Bidens and the First Family was looking SHARP, Kelly Clarkston sang beautifully, and our President's speech was FIERCE!  I missed Beyonce because after the President's speech my crew and I headed over to the Inaugural Parade to try to see our First Lady and President walk the streets.  



Clarissa Horton