Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going Deeper

So far my paintings consist of one figure on the canvas in the system of portrait painting, but now I want the rest of my series to be less about the portrait and more about the narrative. To do this I'm going to paint on larger canvases. I've gotten a lot of critiques from Fine Art teachers at my school who have evaluated my work, at Pratt Institute, suggesting that I paint on larger canvases. This will give me more room to express my imagery. Due to the fact that I like to paint the figure a little larger than life size, larger canvases will allow me to put more of the figure on it. This also helps me to add more than one figure on the canvas, which is my intended goal for the rest on my series.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mid Semester Thoughts

Studio: The Circus Attraction

I'm sitting in my room staring at my paintings that I'm working on. I'm finally realizing how much painting involves a lot of staring. I do about as much painting with my eyes as I do with my brush, especially since I'm working with new techniques. Painting can be exhausting for me at times because I incorporate not only my mind and body, but also emotions; it's great.
I'm a colorist, and I love to glaze the paint for blending qualities. I'm constantly working with multiple colors at once. Color affects us all emotionally and mentally. Dealing with a lot of color at once I'm sure affects me psychologically.

Anyways, the more I look at what I've done so far with my series, and think about where it's going, it kind of reminds me of Adam and Eve from the Bible. This isn't an Adam and Eve replica series though because it isn't a dialogue between the man and the woman, but a monologue of the woman to the man. This series is about my own psychological and emotional experience with love while searching for my soul mate.

One thing that I love about my first three portraiture like paintings is how the figures are engulfed in the wildness of leaves and flowers. It's so beautiful to me. It gives me a feeling that the figures didn't just show up in this forest, but live there. The man and woman are present throughout the series as if there is no one else who exist, but them.